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Complete Software & Hardware Solutions Provider.

Providing the service that others only

promise you.

Abbots Business Computing Ltd are a company with an extensive specialist knowledge in the computer and associated peripherals field.

Abbots have devised innovative plans to complement the standard types of service contracts that are available

Plus we provide comprehensive support for all your Microsoft products


Abbots has a Philosophy of supplying service tailored to the needs of today's computer users.

This is achieved by having both the resources and flexibility to meet the needs of our customers. In order to sustain this Philosophy, Abbots have an engineering force of unsurpassed expertise and experience throughout the whole spectrum of personal computers and peripherals.

Based on customer information the following will give our customers effective service. Throughout the contract, equipment may be added or subtracted on a pro-rata basis under the same contract.

Abbots can build a range of PCs to order with specifications ranging from entry level workstations to high end servers.

For more details please contact our Sales Department, inquires to Mr. Andy Presnail

(01923 245950).

E-mail inquires should be directed to Mr. Andy Presnail at sales@abc.co.uk

Phone: 01923 245950 Fax: 01923 334069 Email: support@abc.co.uk

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